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DNA Paternity 


Main Stop Testing SVCS DNA Paternity & Drug testing in Houston is a small family owned business in Houston that provides services that are highly specialized for business, government agencies and individuals that enhances the total workforce productivity and drug/alcohol/hair follicle/fingernail testing, and DNA detection solutions. Main Stop Testing Svcs desires and facilitates to form business relationships with companies, businesses and organizations that are committed to the drive their agencies to Drug Free Workplace Programs and desires background information on their workforce.

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Main Stop Testing SVCS is an accredited member of the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA), the national industry trade organization, having passed a rigorous certification program, which strives to uphold the highest level of standards in education, training, and collection procedures.

Our Mission

To provide professional and confidential, high quality based assessments,
which produces information and solutions for human factors.

What might pharmacogenomics mean for you?

Until recently, drugs have been developed with the idea that each drug works pretty much the same in everybody. But genomic research has changed that “one size fits all” approach and opened the door to more personalized approaches to using and developing drugs.

Depending on your genetic makeup, some drugs may work more or less effectively for you than they do in other people. Likewise, some drugs may produce more or fewer side effects in you than in someone else. In the near future, doctors will be able to routinely use information about your genetic makeup to choose those drugs and drug doses that offer the greatest chance of helping you.

Pharmacogenomics may also help to save you time and money. By using information about your genetic makeup, doctors soon may be able to avoid the trial-and-error approach of giving you various drugs that are not likely to work for you until they find the right one. Using pharmacogenomics, the “best-fit” drug to help you can be chosen from the beginning.

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  • Paternity
  • Infidelity
  • Forensics
  • Semen Detection
  • On Site Testing
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​Dna Paternity Testing in Houston

  • Drug: DOT/Non-DOT Testing:  (Urine, Hair, Saliva, Finger Nail, and Instant Rapid Test ) DOT PHYSICALS By Appts Only

  • Alcohol Testing: DOT/NON-DOT Testing - Breath & Saliva

  • Consulting Services: Management, Advising, Implementation of Drug Free Workplace Services, Computerized Random Management Services

  • Training: Supervisor & Employee Drug Free Workplace Training & Reasonable Suspension 

  • Onsite Collections: Pre-Employment, Random Post-Accident & Follow-ups

  • Special Substance Testing: Unknown Drugs, Powders, Liquids, or Materials